About Us
Our business began in 1961 as a representative for various pump
manufacturers.  The pumping industry was still emerging as newer
technology was being developed.  As time went on, we found the
public was missing out on various new technological advances in not
only pumps but in dredging equipment as well.  We then transitioned
into a manufacturer for pumps and now boast an inventory of over 75
different pumps and pumping systems.
In 2000 we developed the "Mini Dredge" as a response to consumer
needs for a mid-sized unit to take on projects that were smaller than an
industrial size solution but larger than what a basic pump could
handle.  Today, we proudly manufacture the Mini Dredge in 4 different
models to ensure the proper product for each customer's individual
As a "Woman Owned" business, we have successfully developed our
business from small dewatering pumps to large industrial dredges and
have dotted the world with our business products.  We have a strong
market demand on almost every continent and a continuous demand
for all of our quality products.  
It is our mission here at Piranha Pumps to evolve and improve our
products and services to accommodate the ever-changing global
market and unique needs of our diverse customer base.  We aim to
lead the market with our competitive pricing and industrially advanced
equipment while maintaining growth and customer satisfaction.