Stainless Steel Pumps
Rhino Coated - Corrosion Resistant Pumps
Piranha 316 stainless steel submersibles feature recessed impellers for  extra
solids handling capability while minimizing abrasive wear. The majority of material
pumped never comes in contact with the impeller. Mechanical seals are abrasion
resistant silicon carbide. All wetted metal components are 316 stainless steel
except the rotor shaft which is 416 stainless steel for extra strength. The volute
and impeller are thick generous machined castings of 316 stainless steel (not
fabricated sheet metal like other inexpensive pumps). We offer six models 1-10 hp.
Our coated jacketed power cable option includes an epoxy compounded cable
entry designed to accommodate your most severe corrosion needs.
Rhino coating is actually comprised  of two separate coatings:

First, the metal surface is hardened by immersion in special chemicals while high
voltage electricity is applied. This process changes the metal surface from
Aluminum to Aluminum Oxide.  Aluminum Oxide also known as Corundum, is the
second hardest mineral known to science.  This coating is at the top of the
hardness scale at 70 Rockwell, and is harder than case hardened or chrome
steel.  Virtually every person is familiar with this substance, as it is the most
common abrasive utilized in sand paper.  This coating changes the surface
properties of our aluminum providing excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance.

The second stage of the process impregnates the Aluminum Oxide surface. This
coating is fused into the pores of the metal and cannot be chipped, peeled, or
scrapped away.  This coating is impervious to virtually all chemicals, salts, and
acids regardless of their strength. The resulting two-stage finish allows Piranha
pumps to be utilized in corrosive environments, where bare aluminum pumps
cannot survive. Though not recommended for extreme corrosion or abrasion
resistance,  Rhino coated pumps are an inexpensive alternative to costly exotic
metal pumps for moderately corrosive applications, where  reasonable quantities
of abrasives may be present.
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