3 Inch
Gas Powered
Trash Pump
Cheap trash pumps are not designed to withstand abrasion or shock. Cheap trash pumps usually
utilize small diameter carbon/ceramic shaft seals. Carbon/ceramic is the cheapest seal material
there is and is a strong indication that your pump is designed to pump water only. The shaft seal is
the component that seals the engine shaft as it enters the pump case. A leaky shaft seal will disable
your pump completely, by allowing air to enter the pump case instead of water being drawn up the
suction hose. The Piranha Pumps are equipped with an over-sized silicon carbide shaft seal. Silicon
carbide is a premium seal material that is utilized in most industrial grade pumps. We also make the
seal much larger in diameter than those found in most “trash pumps”. Small diameter seals fit snug
on the drive shaft. When a hard piece of debris (rock, wood, etc) hits the pump impeller, it deflects
the shaft momentarily and fractures the seal. Our seals have a large inside diameter with a lot of
space between the seal and the shaft preventing seal damage from shock. Also, in order for
mechanical seals to work, they all utilize a stainless steel compression spring to hold the seal faces
together. Lazy pump manufacturers, leave that spring exposed in the water way behind the impeller,
rendering it vulnerable to abrasive wear and to collecting stringy material & debris. Our seal spring
is tucked away in a recess machined in the pump housing, sealed away from abrasives and debris.

The second most vulnerable component to abrasive wear is the impeller. You will find that most
trash pumps have a cast iron impeller. Cast iron is a popular inexpensive material, and serves
adequately for non-abrasive pump applications. The next level above cast iron is ductile iron. Then
comes heat treated stainless steel. The top abrasion resistant impeller material is high chrome iron.
High chrome iron impellers are usually only found in severe duty industrial slurry pumps because
they are so hard they are expensive to machine. The Piranha trash pumps have high chrome iron
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