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Offering highly-efficient and cost-effective dredging and solids removal systems for a variety of applications.

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Mini Dredges Industrial Dredges

Reliable and cost-effective heavy-duty pumps & dredges

Mini Dredges

Mini Dredges

Small, compact, and portable engine-powered sediment removal pumps, providing the ability to excavate and transfer mud, sand, and muck up to 40 cubic yards per hour.

Industrial Dredges

Industrial Dredges

We offer a wide range of dredging systems to suit any application. Our dredges are built upon industrial-strength floating platform systems, which offer increased mobility and efficiency.

Submersible Pumps

Submersible Pumps

Our water-cooled, electrically-operated submersible pumps are designed to run continuously with minimal maintenance and oversight. They can be customized to operate on an advanced control system and made with corrosive-resistant materials.

Floating Platforms

Floating Platforms

Floating platforms for dewatering or water supply. Heavy duty submersible pumps capable of continuous operation in debris & sediment laden water.

We offer industrial dredges, small portable dredges, floating pumps, submersible pumps, and engine driven pumps for: mud, sand, muck, gravel, slurry, dewatering, solids, corrosives, trash, and firefighting.

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About Piranha Pumps

Welcome to Piranha Pumps, a leading manufacturer within the dredge and pump industry.

For more than half a century, we’ve held a sturdy name for ourselves as experts when it comes to dredging, submersible pumps, floating platforms, and more.

We’re dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers by producing the very best pumps and dredges for their specific applications. For dredging projects big and small, there’s nothing our products can’t handle.

Piranha dredges and pumps are built to last and are easy to maneuver, providing unmatched reliability and efficiency. Whatever the goal is, Piranha Pumps can help achieve it.