Corrosion resistant pumps

Submersible Corrosion-Resistant Pump

  • Specialty Coatings For Corrosion Resistance
  • Minimizes Abrasive Wear
  • Increase Lifetime of Pump


Piranha 316 Stainless Steel Corrosion-Resistant Submersible Pump feature recessed impellers for extra solids handling capability while minimizing abrasive wear. The majority of material pumped never comes in contact with the impeller. Mechanical seals are abrasion resistant silicon carbide. All wetted metal components of our corrosion-resistant submersible pumps are 316 stainless steel, except the rotor shaft, which is 416 stainless steel for extra strength. The volute and impeller are thick generous machined castings of 316 stainless steel (not fabricated sheet metal like other inexpensive pumps). We offer six models 1-10 hp. Our coated jacketed power cable option includes an epoxy compounded cable entry designed to accommodate your most severe corrosion needs. When it comes to corrosion-resistant pumps, Piranha Pump is your number one source for machines and equipment that fit the bill for your particular needs. When you need a corrosion-resistant submersible pump you can count on us to provide the tools you need to get the job done right.

If you would like more information, or have questions as to whether or not our pumps are suitable for your application, please contact us.

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Submersible pumps, which are more efficient than jet pumps, contain a hermetically sealed motor and are used for pushing fluid to the surface. We offer submersible pumps for several applications, including mines, manholes, construction sites, sewage and other areas with a high concentration of solids. Our submersible pumps come in several different varieties in order to handle the different conditions you may face in the field:

Agitator Slurry Pumps – Heavy-duty submersible pumps with mechanical agitators for pumping high concentrations of solids.

Solids Handling Pumps – Recessed impeller style pumps for any solids laden pumping applications: slurry, sewage, debris, mud, and sand.

Dewatering Pumps – Heavy duty abrasion resistant pumps for dewatering: mines, power plant sumps, manholes, and construction sites. Also as water supply pumps (3/4 to 45 hp).

Corrosion Resistant Pumps – For severe corrosion: all 316 stainless-steel recessed impeller pumps. (1 to 10 hp)For moderate corrosion: Rhino Coated aluminum with stainless steel impellers, shafts, and hardware (1.5 to 45 hp).

No matter what pump you’re looking for, Piranha Pumps will deliver on your expectations, however high they may be. When it comes to the best heavy-duty submersible pumps in the business, look no further than Piranha Pumps.

If you’d like to learn more about our submersible pump systems, don’t hesitate to contact us. An experienced Piranha Pumps team member will be happy to answer any questions you have. At Piranha Pumps, you can rest assured knowing that our dredging and pumping machines are powerful, efficient, and reliable.

Our business began in 1961 as a representative for various pump manufacturers. The pumping industry was still emerging as newer technology was being developed. As time went on, we found the public was missing out on various new technological advances in not only pumps but in dredging equipment as well. We then transitioned into a manufacturer for pumps and now boast an inventory of over 75 different pumps and pumping systems.

As a "Woman Owned" business, we have successfully developed our business from small dewatering pumps to large industrial dredges and have dotted the world with our business products. We have a strong market demand on almost every continent and a continuous demand for all of our quality products. It is our mission here at Piranha Pumps to evolve and improve our products and services to accommodate the ever-changing global market and unique needs of our diverse customer base. We aim to lead the market with our competitive pricing and industrially advanced equipment while maintaining growth and customer satisfaction.