Trash pump

Slurry Pump for Sale

Trash pumps, or “slurry pumps,” are heavy-duty pumps that are capable of transferring large amounts of debris and water that most other pumps can’t. Available 1.5, 3, and 4 inches, Piranha Pump is proud to offer portable engine driven trash pumps that are extremely efficient and reliable. These Trash/Slurry Pumps are designed for removal of sediment, water, dust abatement, or fire protection. Our Piranha Pump Trash/Slurry Pumps are designed with the highest quality components to withstand abrasion and shock. Whether you own a home on the waterfront or a golf resort, our Piranha Pump portable engine driven trash pumps are specifically made to handle both big and small projects. If you have any questions about our pumps, please speak with a Piranha Pump representative today.

Call us with your application parameters, and we’ll configure a pumping system to meet your needs.

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