Industrial Dredging Systems for Sale

Industrial dredges

Our systems are furnished complete with everything necessary for a fully functional system. The system includes:

  • Pump: Our severe duty high chrome iron slurry pumps are powered by 1.35 service factor motors enabling them to handle heavy concentrations of highly abrasive slurries. The pump intake and agitator are surrounded by a protective frame rendering it useful for lined ponds.
  • Flotation Platform: Foam filled UV and chemical resistant HDPE pontoons, urethane powder coated steel structural members, depth control hoist.
  • Remote Control Positioning System: Comes standard with a capstan traversing winch remotely controlled from shore via the master control panel.
  • Control Panel: Skid mounted onshore remote control panel with push button controls for automated & manual operation with: pump run hour meter, pump motor ammeter, LED depth readout, traverse functions forward/stop/reverse, pump elevation functions raise/stop/lower with manual overide, pump seal moisture indicator light, and pump motor over heat indicator light.
  • Floating Discharge: Each assembly consists of a section of rigid pipe, foam filled floats and a flexible hose section with quick disconnect couplings at each transition point.
  • Electrical Cable: Heavy jacketed, submersible, power and control cable.
  • Delivery & Startup: We deliver to your job site and furnish a service technician for startup.



Our Piranha Industrial Dredges feature powerful agitator slurry pumps that are so effective, they excavate material faster than other styles of dredges many times their size.


Other dredging systems for sale skim materials off the top of your sediment layer, pumping excessive amounts of water with low solids content. Piranha Industrial Dredges excavate from within the core of your material.


Our dredging systems for sale can be used for excavating gravel, sand, crushed ore, coal slurries, fly ash, wash fines, mud, and sewage & water treatment sludge.


Piranha Industrial Dredges are customized and built to meet the specific needs of your application.


Industrial Dredge ModelSolids SizeH.P.Discharge SizeExcavation Rate (cu. yds/hr)Shut-off HeadMax VolumeSpec Sheet
P-53/4"53"2543'275 gpm PDF
P-10M1"104"4067'400 gpm PDF
P-201.5"204"7090'700 gpm PDF
P-20 Auto1.5"204"7090'700 gpm PDF
P-301.5"304"80119'700 gpm PDF
P-30 Auto1.5"304"80119'700 gpm PDF
P-502.5"506" & 8"17598'1800 gpm PDF
P-50 Auto2.5"506" & 8"17598'1800 gpm PDF
P-752.5"756" & 8"225130'2100 gpm PDF
P-75 Auto2.5"756" & 8"225130'2100 gpm PDF


Piranha Industrial Dredge Model P-10M

Piranha Industrial Dredge Model P-20

Piranha Industrial Dredge Model P-30

Piranha Industrial Dredge Model P-50 (1)

Piranha Industrial Dredge Model P-50 (2)

Piranha Industrial Dredge Model P-50 (3)

Piranha Industrial Dredge Model P-75 (1)

Piranha Industrial Dredge Model P-75 (2)

Piranha Industrial Dredge Model P-75 (3)

Piranha Industrial Dredge Model P-75 A Underwater Video

Please contact us today to discuss your application. We'll customize one of our dredges to meet your specific needs.

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