Things to Consider Before Buying a Mini Dredge

Things to Consider Before Buying a Mini Dredge

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Mini Dredge

Dredges are used for many different purposes. They can be used for construction projects like building piers or docks, mining, or even for maintenance of existing structures. It's hard to deny that a dredging project requires a lot of effort and may require some major expenditures, and we want to make sure you feel confident in your purchase! So before you buy a dredge, let's take a look at some things you would be wise to consider.

What Is A Dredge?

Basically, dredging is the act of removing or excavating material from an underwater environment. Operations can be as simple as a scoop and pulley (ones hobbyists might use looking for gold), or as complicated as robotic ships with a pump and pipe system used by professional operators.

Some pros of owning your own dredge are:

  • You pay a fixed cost that you could eventually earn back
  • You could rent out your equipment for an additional profit
  • You have more control over the dredging process if you do it yourself

Where Are You Trying to Dredge?

Determining your project will help you decide the type of dredge you need.

You may be wanting to dredge a smaller lake or pond, as waiting too long can increase the likelihood of it devolving into a swamp. A marina or lake dredge, as well as our mini-dredge would be well suited to this task. On the other hand, dredging large areas could require an industrial sized dredge, as sediment with larger particles can require specialty pumps. Choosing the right piece of equipment is essential before moving forward. We are glad to help!

Please contact us today to discuss your application. We would be glad to customize one of our dredges to meet your specific needs.

What Size Mini Dredge Will You Need?

As a potential dredge owner, perhaps one of the most important things you want to know is what size dredge you will need for your project. The type of dredging equipment you need depends on several factors, including environmental conditions and details of your project. Knowing the kind of project you want to complete will help you decide which type of suction dredge equipment is best for you.

When deciding the size of dredge you need, take into account how much sediment you will want to dredge, its contamination level, as well as maintenance and storage costs.

Today, we proudly manufacture the Mini Dredge in 4 different models to ensure the proper product for each customer's individual needs. Learn more here.

How Often Will You Need To Use Your Dredge?

One of the aspects of dredging to consider is frequency. How often do you plan on using your dredge? Since dredge prices start around $10,000, a rental might make more financial sense if you're planning on a one-time use. 

Alternatively, if your dredging projects will keep you busy more than half the year, or if you anticipate annual dredging needs, it could make sense to invest in both main and ancillary equipment, trained personnel, and operational plans.

How Far Are You Trying To Transfer Your Sediment?

Dredging removes excess muck and sediment from ponds, lakes, etc. A submersible pump brings up the sediment while a tube transports it to the surface. When buying a dredge, consider how far you want to transfer your sediment, as smaller dredges can only transfer it a certain range. Change in elevation is a significant factor. Also, when planning where to dispose the sediment, make sure to comply with all local laws and regulations, especially those surrounding aquatic life.

What Other Equipment Do You Need?

As you start to develop plans for a project, do not forget to factor in all of the real costs. Aside from the dredging machine and operating costs, consider the additional equipment that you will need. For example, does the dredging service also provide hoses, pipes, and toolkits? Make sure that you can achieve cost efficiency.

At Piranha Pump, our systems are furnished complete with everything necessary for a fully functional system at a fair price. Learn more about our systems here!

These important factors should help you weigh the long-term vs. short-term costs and benefits when it comes to buying a piece of dredging equipment. Ready to learn more about which dredge is right for your dredging project?

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