Industrial Floating Platforms

  • Available in 12 standard flotation packages
  • Designed to support any submersible pump
  • Capable of floating weights up to almost 4,800 lbs.
  • Made with corrosion resistant components
  • Can be made customized (electric hoist, traverse winch, floating discharge, etc.)


Our Piranha FP Series Floating Platforms are designed for floating industrial duty pumps in water removal, water supply, or solids removal applications. Our Piranha Pump FP series floating work platforms feature high-strength tubular steel, a urethane oven-baked powder coat finish, modular hi-density polyethylene foam filled floats, and stainless-steel fasteners. To learn more about our floating platforms, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can be reached during normal business hours, either online or over the phone. We’re always happy to help; no question is too big or too small. So, reach out today for all your floating work platform needs.

Technical Data

Flotation Model Max Pump Weight Dimensions (L x W) Height Spec Sheet
FP-0 (3 inch) 132 lbs. 4' x 1'-6" 13" file_download PDF
FP-0 (4 inch) 132 lbs. 4' x 1'-6" 14" file_download PDF
FP-1 281 lbs. 3' x 4'-4" 16" file_download PDF
FP-2 402 lbs. 7' x 4'-9" 25" file_download PDF
FP-3 664 lbs. 10' x 4'-9" 25" file_download PDF
FP-3H 643 lbs. 10' x 4'-9" 44" file_download PDF
FP-4 745 lbs. 10' x 4'-9" 44" file_download PDF
FP-5 2032 lbs. 12' x 7'-6" 77" file_download PDF
FP-6 2820 lbs. 12' x 7'-6" 77" file_download PDF
FP-7 3341 lbs. 15' x 8' 118" file_download PDF
FP-8 4068 lbs. 18' x 8' 118" file_download PDF
FP-9 4796 lbs. 21' x 8' 123" file_download PDF

Our business began in 1961 as a representative for various pump manufacturers. The pumping industry was still emerging as new technology and was still in a time of development. As time went on, we found the public was missing out on various new technological advances in not only pumps but in dredging equipment as well. We then transitioned into a manufacturer for pumps and now boast an inventory of over 75 different pumps and pumping systems.

As a "Woman Owned" business, we have successfully developed our business from small dewatering pumps to large industrial dredges and have dotted the world with our business products. We have a strong market demand on almost every continent and a continuous demand for all of our quality products. It is our mission here at Piranha Pumps to evolve and improve our products and services to accommodate the ever-changing global market and unique needs of our diverse customer base. We aim to lead the market with our competitive pricing and industrially advanced equipment while maintaining growth and customer satisfaction.